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At Pest Lures we are passionate about pest animal management. We are continually conducting research and development to improve our products by making them target specific and versatile so that they can be incorporated into trapping, baiting and monitoring.

We are very interested in our customer needs and their feedback regarding our products, so please let us know what you think of our products and how they work for you. 


Mark Lamb

Mark has over 20 years experience working with invasive pest species. Mark undertakes predation control, research and survey trapping. He conducts pest animal surveys with scent detection dogs on both public and private lands and delivers training to landholders, agency staff and community groups in effective vertebrate pest control and monitoring. Mark is the founder of Pest Lures and has over 15 years experience in lure manufacturing and design for target specific pest animal attractants.


Bec Ballard

Bec has over 10 years experience working in natural resource management (NRM) and pest management. Bec has designed, managed and implemented numerous NRM, sustainable agriculture, vertebrate pest and community engagement projects throughout NSW and Qld. She has a background in animal biology, behaviour and genetics and works with a range of stakeholders including landholders, industry representatives and community groups to develop multi-stakeholder plans and strategies. 


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