Pest Lures Services

Pest Lures provide a variety of specialised pest animal management services and training. 

We have extensive experience working with a variety of stakeholders across multiple tenures including primary producers, private land holders, agency staff, public and private lands, international ports, mines, power stations and conservation reserves.

At Pest Lures we have a strong work ethic and pride ourselves on delivering a safe, professional and courteous service. 

Our services and training are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Based in rural NSW we work throughout the state and interstate, providing services Australia wide.

Please view our range of services below and contact us if you wish to discuss a specific issue, project or idea.

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Pest Lures - Target Specific Products, Training and Services

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Pest Lures Services

 Service Description
Trapping Over 15 years experience in proactive & reactive trapping of wild dogs, foxes, feral cats, rabbits, feral pigs, feral goats, wild cattle and wild deer; on both private and public lands and across tenures. Proficient in a variety of cage and foot hold traps.
Scent Detection Dogs

Highly trained scent detection dogs used to detect wild dog, fox and feral cat sign including urine marking points, scats, tracks and glad rubbing.

These dogs are also trained to track and bail feral pigs and wild cattle.  

Over 10 years experience with wild dog/pest control associations, NPWS, LLS, DPI, Landcare and community groups.

Field days - engaging land managers in best practice pest management training including; sign identification, travelway detection, bait preparation, bait placement, utilising a bait matrix, trapping, use of lures and decoys, camera trapping, howling/calling, using sniffer dogs, coordinated and cooperative group baiting and integrated control.

Courses – instructor at NPWS & DPI Wild Dog/Predator Trapping Course, OEH Trainees Vertebrate Pest Management Training, DPI Vertebrate Pest Management Course, LLS Grazier Trapping Course and a variety of courses/workshops for community groups and stakeholders.

Proficient in power point presentations, field based training and hands on/practical engagement techniques.   

Experienced in engaging a variety of stakeholders in broadscale, coordinated and cooperative pest animal control programs through property visits, travelway mapping, property pest planning and liaison with industry stakeholders, agency staff and community members. Proficient in identifying and addressing barriers for conducting effective control.

Travelway mapping

Use of scent detection dogs, observation techniques, historical records, topography and understanding the biology/ecology of the targeted pests to identify and record sign, movements, impacts and animal interactions.

Collation of records to identify primary and secondary travelways, cross-over points, territories, home ranges and population densities. GIS mapping of travelways to inform control programs including strategic bait and trap placement, monitoring and asset protection activities.

Property/Group Pest Planning

Experienced in the identification of impacts including scale and timing, monitoring techniques, engagement of key stakeholders and land managers, mapping of travel ways, cross-over points, topography and assets in the property/group area and designing control programs based on enterprise drivers and pest animal biology/ecology for both proactive and reactive control. Plans and control programs designed for single and/or multiple species.

Surveys & Research

Proficient in conducting surveys of pest animal presence and densities using scent detection dogs, sand plotting, camera traps, live capture and presence/absence monitoring before and after control activities. Experienced in pest animal trapping, collaring and data collection for research purposes and judas animal programs. Experienced in the collection of scat and DNA samples.

Workshop Facilitation & Plan Development

Highly skilled in the facilitation of multiple stakeholder meetings and workshops. Experienced in the development of strategic, proactive and reactive management and implementation plans dealing with multiple stakeholders, sensitive issues and multiple species.

Proficient in the planning, development and review of planning instruments including policies, procedures, project plans, group action and investment plans.

Data Collection, Analysis & Report writing

Experienced in the design and implementation of site and species surveys. Competent in the implementation of methodologies that satisfy research parameters and specified requirements. 

Skilled in the analysis of tracks, scats and other pest animal signs, camera trap imagery, operational and performance monitoring data.

Delivery of detailed reports including monitoring and control recommendations, GIS mapping, budgeting and implementation programs.

Lure & attractant design, manufacture & testing 

Over 10 years experience in the commercial manufacture of pest animal lure & attractants for predators, omnivores & herbivores.

Design & manufacture of target specific lures, attractants & bait delivery systems.

Product development & testing in both controlled & in-situ environments. Range of methods used including scent detection dogs, camera traps & live capture. Data collection, collation & analysis to ensure lure suitability in a range of Australian environments. 

Baiting & Shooting

Utilisation of target specific bait delivery devices and techniques and strategic bait placement on both private and public lands.

Experienced in howling/calling, stalking, bailing, day and night optics, spot-lighting, close to long range shooting utilising best practice humane destruction techniques.

Bait Preparation

Preparation of meat baits for predator control including draining, drying and/or luring.

Herbivore/omnivore bait preparation including grain fermentation, infusing lures, attractants and/or non-target deterrents. 

M44 (Canid Pest Ejector) heads

Preparation of bait heads with a variety of manufactured, fruit, raw hide, liver, shredded meats, granulated meats and dried meat types including; horse, beef, pork, mutton and roo.